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Your chance of winning a place at one of Britain’s most prestigious universities should not be determined by wealth or geography. Every student should be given a fair shot at achieving their dreams, with talent and hard work being rewarded by a system which gives everyone the opportunity to succeed. However, within the UK education system there exists an uneven playing field which deprives talented students of advantage and opportunity. For many state school students, the barriers to success can seem all too real.

Access Oxbridge is changing that. We connect state school students with a network of Oxbridge mentors to help those students win places at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. With our anytime-anywhere virtual mentoring service, our students receive one-on-one tuition from a current Oxbridge student studying their desired degree course. By extending the benefits of ongoing mentorship through cutting edge digital technology, we help aspiring students beat the odds without spending a penny.

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We launched in September 2018 and have already helped over 250 state school students from around the UK connect with an Oxbridge mentor

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